Reiki is a very balancing therapy for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, enabling your body to relax into and calm and healing state. 


The healing energy that is Reiki, is channelled to the client empowering their own body to create a sense of complete wellbeing; focussing the healing energy where it is needed the most.  Reiki is about change; change for the better.  This could be about finding a resolution for a health problem, or assistance in reprioritising one’s tasks in life.  A reiki treatment enables energy or ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ to flow naturally, overcoming blockages and harmonising the whole body.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese therapy brought to the western world in a variety of adaptations and techniques.  Kate has been attuned to Usui Reiki – a system rooted in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism.


What to expect

Clients remain fully clothed throughout their treatment (unless Reiki is received as part of a massage treatment, in this case the client will be kept modest and warm using towels and blankets).

A Reiki treatment involves some touch but at times there will be no physical connection between Kate and her client.  Don’t worry about this – the energy still flows and Kate will let you know once the treatment is finished (no contact does not mean you should get up!).  To begin, Kate will place her hands on various parts of the clients’ body – shoulders, head, hips, knees; and as Kate moves around the client’s body she may adopt a ‘hands-free’ technique.


Clients can receive Reiki lying on a couch or sitting in a chair.  The treatment can be added to a body massage as a separate treatment (e.g. half massage and half Reiki), or as a ‘Reiki massage’ where energy is channelled to the client for the duration of a body massage.


Client comments include:

"Complete and utter relaxation"

"Hard to describe – in the best possible way!"

"So relaxed it took a while before I could get up"

"Released shoulder tension – nothing has managed to do that before"

"Very floaty and relaxed"

"Feeling of complete freedom"

"Feeling of complete wellbeing"

"Beautiful waves of heat flowed down my body"

"Felt less anxious afterwards – it took all my worries away"

"I miss Reiki if I don’t have it regularly – feels like something is missing"

Reiki treatments are available for 30-minutes, 45-minutes or 1-hour 

or as part of a massage treatment e.g:

30-min back & shoulder massage + 30-min reiki treatment

30-min Indian Head Massage (lying down) + 30-min reiki - highly recommended