Possible Reactions

Massage can be a powerful experience; various systems within the body are stimulated which can sometimes result in various reactions during and after the treatment.  If you are concerned at any time, please let me know.


During your treatment:

The following reactions are all quite normal, so please don't feel awkward or embarrassed.  If you need anything (tissues, water etc.) or need to get up, just let me know:

Desire to sleep                 Go ahead, just bear in mind that I may need to wake you up

Flatulence                        Don't worry - it just means we've activated your digestive tract

Micturation                       (need to wee) - Have a break, your body is already eliminating toxins

Runny nose                       I have tissues, just ask

Feeling chilly                    If you get cold, let me know - I have blankets

Thirst                               Just ask for some water

Light Perspiration            Let me know, it if gets worse, we may have to stop


If you start to experience any symptoms that make you feel uncomfortable, just let me know and we can take a break or stop the treatment.  


After your treatment: 

The following reactions are all normal and can occur up to 48 hours after your treatment


Increased energy, Relief of symptoms, Improved mood, Altered sleep patterns, Pain relief, Increased flexibilty/movement

Fatigue, Symptoms exacerbated, Increased emotional state, Non-specific aches & pains, Frequent micturation (needing to wee), Frequent bowel movements, Nausea, Breakout of spots, Skin reactions/healing crisis, Headaches


All of these reactions are quite normal and indicate that your body is adjusting to the treatment by eliminating toxins and waste products.  

If you have a more severe reaction following your treatment and are worried, then please contact either your GP or the NHS on 111 or http://www.nhs.uk/pages/home.aspx