Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an incredibly calming and balancing treatment that works to re-align both physical and emotional energy, while promoting deep relaxation

This surprisingly powerful seated treatment focusses on the shoulders, arms, neck, head/scalp and face, and lasts for 45-minutes.  The sequence can be adapted to include more or less of each area. 

IHM can be provided as a lying down treatment, this (shortened sequence) is a lovely way to experience some of the techniques involved in IHM as part of a longer massage and/or Reiki treatment.

Various techniques are used to encourage relaxation including effleurage (sweeping movements), frictions (deeper, more specific movements) and Petrissage (manipulating soft tissue to encourage muscles to relax).  This treatment is extremely effective leaving clients feeling completely relaxed and wonderfully balanced.

Effects and Benefits of IHM

The de-stressing effects of IHM massage are felt throughout the entire body, leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced.

  • Improves circulation - nourishes the skin and hair improving appearance; clears the mind and increases concentration

  • Relaxes muscles - relieving tension, fatigue and headaches; and improving posture 

  • Calms the sympathetic nervous system - reducing stress, anxiety and blood pressure

  • Stimulates the para-sympthetic nervous system - promoting good quality sleep, digestion and feelings of peace and tranquility

  • Improves energy levels - clears nasal congestion and tension in the jaw


IHM also works on a spiritual level balancing chakras and marma points, releasing blockages and restoring inner harmony.  Relaxation and mindfulness are enhanced and developed.

"This treatment felt so relaxing and seemed to last for a long time, better than body massage!"

Emilie G

"Very relaxing, not as vigorous as I was expecting, felt very calm and relaxed afterwards.  When Kate was working on my jaw & ears I became fully aware of my legs relaxing!"

David D

"Amazing - WOW! I completely zoned out into a beautiful meditative state.  I didn't want to open my eyes (not sure I could at one point)"

Cherry M

"I felt really invigorated after my IHM from Kate.  It was a very relaxing experience and I was surprised by the inclusion of the shoulders and arms but I must say I really liked it.  Will definitely have another"

Steve D


Indian Head Massage originated from Ayuervedic massage, Ayurveda meaning 'life knowledge' which is thought to be the oldest healing science in existence.  In India, massage is often a part of everyday life - seen as a way to preserve and enhance health.  Inner harmony (a balance of purpose, thoughts, feelings and physical actions) is believed to influence health, whereas an imbalance can lead to disease.  IHM was brought to England in 1978 by Narendra Mehta who came to study physiotherapy and body massage.  Upon discovering that treatments here did not include the head, Nahendra introduced head massage and extended the treatment by adding the shoulders, arms and neck as these are keys areas where tension is held due to bad posture and western lifestyle. 

Marma Points

107 marma points have been identified, 37 of which are located in the head and neck.  A few examples of those located in the face include (but are not limited to) Sthapni (3rd eye) which brings order to the body, mind and conscience; helps relieve headaches and improve concentration.  Shankh which relieves stomach pain, reduces emotional stress and calms the mind.  Nasa which relieves nasal congestion and sinus headaches and releases suppressed emotions.  Chibuka which improves digestion and facial colour complexion, toothache and TMJ.  For further information about the fascinating subject of Ayuervedic massage and Marma points the following text is recommended: “Ayurvedic Massage” by Harish Johari.