Holistic Body Massage

Body massage has been used for thousands of years to enhance health and wellbeing and/or treat injury.  It is now well known that stress is a major cause of many modern day illnesses and disease.  Taking the time to have a massage can pay off enormously in both emotional and physical health.

Kate encompasses a variety of massage techniques to combat tension and break down adhesions, enabling muscles to relax and pain to subside.  

Swedish massage is a relaxing treatment where techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, vibrations and gentle frictions are combined to create a flowing routine that helps improve circulation, encourage the elimination of toxins, reduce headaches, and increase emotional wellbeingThese techniques tackle tight/sore muscles, promote relaxation and provide the body with a wonderful chance to re-set.  

Alternatively Kate can provide a more focused treatment of ‘deep tissue’ techniques, stretches and mobilisations providing a treatment aimed at releasing deeper-held tension and relieving pain.  

Both approaches can be combined into one treatment to provide relief from pain & discomfort while promoting relaxation.  Each treatment is adapted to suit the client

Tension and it's causes

Most people will have experienced muscle tension at some point, if not constantly.  Over-use (e.g. repetitive movement, lifting) can lead to sore or painful muscles; incorrect posture is a also major cause of muscle tension and the build up of adhesions (knots).  Driving and sitting at a computer for many hours a day are both common causes of bad posture.

Stress is also a factor; life today is extremely ‘busy’ with many people leaving no time for themselves.  Emotional stress can lead to tension which is often expressed through headaches, tiredness, back and neck stiffness and feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

All of this can be eased by taking a little time for yourself and having a massage.


"A very individual massage which took great account of my needs and left my body feeling more open and hugely relaxed. Kate is very professional and skilled but very easy to talk to"

Fee S

Consultation and Home-care

An initial (free) consultation is provided for each client; combined with postural assessment Kate will then design the ideal treatment for the client.  the consultation is updated at each treatment to monitor progress and ensure the treatments continue to be of benefit. 

Each client will also receive advice and ideas about what could be done at home in between treatments.  This is aimed at enhancing the benefits of the treatment and preventing further tension or discomfort.


"Kate was absolutely fantastic - relaxed and professional and really took time to consult with me prior to massage. Massage was just lovely and tips to generally help my health and wellbeing very useful. Would 100% recommend Kate"

Eleanor P

Reiki massage

Kate is qualified to Reiki level II and can incorporate Reiki into a massage treatment.  This will promote the emotional wellbeing of the client - very beneficial for those suffering with anxiety or other emotional trauma such as major life changes and grief.


"The massage I received from Kate was excellent, I had issues with my neck and shoulder. Kate worked on that area; the day after my massage the pain had gone. Would recommend Kate, she is very knowledgable; excellent experience thank you"

Valerie T