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Combination Treatments

Unsure which treatment you’d like or fancy trying something different without missing out on a back massage?  See below for some ideas that combine different treatments into one.  Your consultation is designed to work out the most appropriate treatment or combination for you as an individual.  Adding some face massage or reiki to a body massage can really enhance your relaxation experience.  Talk to Kate about what you’d like to try or simply book a treatment as suggested below:

“After several sessions of Reiki I decided to add in a 30-min lying down Indian Head Massage – could happily have let the treatment go on forever!  This felt so good and so very relaxing, 1-hour of each would be amazing.  Loved lying down for the IHM – I preferred this to the seated version”



1. Full back massage and Indian Head Massage (lying down)

2. Full back massage and Reiki

3. Indian Head Massage and Reiki - very popular! (could be lying down or seated)

4. Top 'n' Toe : 30-min Relax & Renew Face massage + 30-min Foot massage

5. Body massage with Table Top Thai mobilisations 


1. Full back massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki - ultimate relaxation!

2. Full back massage plus arms, legs and feet

3. Indian Head Massage, Foot massage, Reiki

4. Full back and leg massage incorporating Table Top Thai mobilisations

5. Relax & Renew Face Massage, Foot Massage, Reiki

“Enjoyed a 90-minute treatment of back massage, foot massage, face massage and Reiki – Amazing!  Loved the whole treatment, sinuses felt better/clearer and the reiki made me feel like I was floating, each treatment feels better and better!” 

Jim H


Any of the above just for longer!